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Benefits of Paver Patios

If you enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family, you've probably considered constructing a patio. You also get to relax in a space that lets you enjoy the beautiful view of your landscaping.

But like many homeowners, you're torn between a concrete patio and a paver patio. Or maybe you've heard of the uniqueness and attractiveness of paver patios but need more convincing.

Here are the benefits of paver patios!

#1. They last long

Compared to concrete, pavers are less likely to crack, ensuring that they last for a very long time. Their strong build and small size make them stronger than concrete by up to 4 times. Water can also conveniently flow in the spaces between each paver without pooling, increasing their durability.

As they are made of individual pieces, plant roots can grow between them rather than through them, as in the case of concrete. If properly maintained, pavers can last for 50 years and more.


#2. Ease of maintenance

Made up of smaller pieces, paver patios can move under pressure and are not susceptible to cracks, which are unavoidable with concrete. Hence, they do not require constant sealing and other repair procedures.

Paver patios are also very easy to clean and maintain. You can remove any dirt and stain with brooms, soaps, and water. Should a paver crack, you can easily replace it with minimal effort and without creating a mess.

#3. Weather resistant

No matter the weather and the temperature, you don't have to worry about damage to your paver patio. Pavers have small sizes and flexible design that enables them to handle any temperature change.

#4. Variety of design options

Concrete patios are uninteresting. There's not much anyone can do with concrete to create stylish and beautiful designs. On the other hand, pavers offer that design flexibility that enables you to customize them to your taste. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, pavers can be mixed to create grids, arches, and other patterns.

#5. Costs Less

Paver patios are not only a great investment, but they are also affordable. Pavers take less time and energy to install and require minimal repair. All of these add up to ensure you save more. Paver patios also add to your home's resale value, and if you ever decide to sell, you may be able to sell for more.

Let’s hear about your dream paver patio

Make your yard look great by having our team install a paver patio! Affordable, durable, and beautiful, paver patios offer so many benefits you won't get with other materials. 

From choosing the right materials to creating your beautiful paver patio, the team at dream landscaping will help you construct a patio where you can create memories with friends and family. Get a free estimate today!


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