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Landscape Architecture

Professional Landscaping Roanoke VA

You know deep inside you that many will find it hard to call what you currently have landscaping.

You can’t blame them.

The previously lush-green grass is now overrun by weeds. Your landscape lighting blinks intermittently like it’s disco night.

And your beautiful garden that was the envy of neighbors? Many would think you’ve rented it out to rodents and moles.

Or maybe your landscape, with the pool of water, looks more like an overgrown rice field.

We understand. It can be hard to know what to do.

But you need not worry. Because with us, you’re sure to get professional landscaping Roanoke Va that blows your mind.

We know our job, and we know how to do landscaping that gets you to smile and make you happy every single time.

Professional Landscaping Roanoke VA

Maybe you’re not dealing with a neglected landscape but instead need a new beautiful outdoor space where you, your family, and friends can relax after a long day.

Maybe you are interested in a beautiful walkway that awes and impresses prospective clients as they walk into your business. You probably want a new underground drainage system installed to avert damage to your plants and soil.

No matter what you want, we’ll get the job done, from inspiration and design to the finished product. It’s why our professional landscaping Roanoke Va services are loved by residential and commercial property owners as well as contractors in and around Roanoke.

We understand that ‘professional’ gets thrown around a lot in the industry. But with us, we are true professionals.

We offer a full range of services, including: 

  • Landscaping design

  • Sod installation

  • Mulching 

  • Underground 

  • Decorative Rock

  • Grading/Excavation 

  • Underground drains

  • Hydro Seeding 

  • Commercial/Residential

From installing the right healthy sod for your soil to beautifying your walkway with landscape lighting, we do it all, and we do right.


Here’s How We Do It

We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. With us, you get to work with experts passionate about landscaping.

No, we are not jack of all trades that fertilize and weed or do all the other stuff. Because we focus only on beautifying your outdoor area, we do a great job at it.

When you’re ready to get professional landscaping Roanoke Va service, our designers meet with you to discuss your needs. That’s very important.

Together with you, they create a personalized landscaping design and installation that reflects your outdoor vision.

We then offer you an estimate you can understand without trying too much. How much will be spent and on what is clear - there are no hidden charges.

We even throw in a one-year guarantee for good measure. That’s because we know whatever landscaping project we do for you is quality.

What next?

Imagine the lush green lawns, the beautiful walkway, or the colorful flower beds. Because it’s about to get real.

And in the end, we can finally say, “We told you, we offer nothing but professional landscaping Roanoke Va.”

Request a free estimate today, and let’s get started!

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